2021 International Conference on Economic Development and Industrial Upgrading
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  Academic Exchange Information Centre, abbreviated as AEIC, is a professional academic conferences organizer co-founded by universities, research institutes and enterprises in China and abroad. Dedicated to initiatives to boost spread of science information, exchange among researchers, exploration of social hot topics and sharing of knowledge, AEIC has, since 2014, organized 300 international academic conferences, drawing an audience of 50000. AEIC conferences cover a wide spectrum of research areas, including energy and environment, computer science, electronic information engineering, hydraulic and civil engineering, mechanical engineering and automation, materials and manufacturing engineering, bioengineering, earth science, economics, management and finance, arts and social sciences.

  To extend the influence of academic conferences and advance exchange among researchers, we cordially invite researchers and scientists specializing in diverse fields to the conferences of AEIC. Invited guests will enjoy sponsorship and support from AEIC. Detailed support and the application form are presented in the attached “AEIC Invitation”. Below is the list of conferences coming soon, and your presence will be an honor to us!

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